Welcome 2020

From New Zealand to New York, millions around the world are about to enjoy spectacular firework displays to celebrate the arrival of 2020 — and the start of a new decade.

The Line Islands of the Pacific Ocean were the first to say goodbye to 2019, followed by Auckland, New Zealand, where half a ton of fireworks burst from the Sky Tower above the city centre.

In Australia, Sydney was given official permission to go ahead with its iconic pyrotechnics despite a total fire ban triggered by huge deadly wildfires. Other Australian cities, including Canberra, cancelled their celebrations due to the worsening wildfire risk.

In Beijing, there was a spectacular coreographed display of dancing and music.

In France, more than 100,000 police and gendarmes are being deployed across the country to keep crowds safe watching firework displays.

London’s Big Ben, which had been silenced for more than a year by a major refurbishment, is expected to chime at midnight, while hundreds of thousands will celebrate Hogmanay in Edinburgh.