Yatri Motorcycles is a startup that was launched by a small team of six young Nepali engineers/entrepreneurs in Kathmandu in 2017. The company mainly focuses on electric vehicles, software development, research development, battery systems and more. They had been working for a long time now, since Dec 2017 on designing and producing a fully electric motorcycle model named Project Zero or P-0.

Yatri Motorcycles launched its first-ever fully electric motorcycle model “P-0” on 19 December 2019 at an event. P-0 is all about urban mobility and Yatri has designed this electric motorcycle keeping eco-friendly aspects into consideration.

Specs Highlights of Yatri Bike ‘P-0’

  • Designed in Nepal and will be produced in Nepal.
  • 100% Carbon fiber body
  • Produces 30KW/40hp of power.
  • Takes 2hrs to charge 0-80% with its on-board charger connected to a standard wall outlet.
  • 0-60Kmph speed in sub-four seconds.
  • 230km of distance coverage on a single charge.
  • Features its own eco-system app: “Yatri Hub”
  • The 7-inch full HD display is used for interface, showing details about speed, battery and street maps.


The design of P-0 feels really futuristic as if it is designed by Tesla, not Yatri. The sharp beautiful edges and the aggressive look made us think as if it was Tesla Cybertruck’s baby at first glance. The overall design of the P-0 is Café racer motorcycle based. The headlight is round and has dual-shock at the front and a mono-shock at the back for suspension support. The handle is very much like normal Café racer bikes and the side looking mirror glass is kept only on the right side.